Guarchibao Сourses

Exceptionally healthy, balanced and simple weight loss program.

Basic course

3411 руб

- 1 can of Fat Burner
- 2 packs of sachets
- 1 can of drainage
- 1 pack of tea
128 rubles per day

A monthly course of healthy eating will launch an active cleaning of the digestive system in the body. In a month, you will understand what kind of food is more convenient and more important to replace, check your biological clock and get the first results.

Optimal course

5644 руб

- 2 cans of Fat Burner
- 4 packs of sachets
- 1 pack of drainage
- 1 pack of tea
107 rubles per day

When the right habits are already in the arsenal, you are ready to start intensive weight loss! This course normalizes the water balance in the body and speeds up the metabolism. Such a diet will give a sense of saturation and energy for a long time.

Intensive course

7592 руб

- 3 cans of Fat Burner
- 6 packs of sachets
- 1 pack of drainage
- 1 pack of tea
100 rubles per day

You can consolidate your result and form regular support of beneficial intestinal microflora only with this course. Together, the body receives the dose of vitamins and minerals that are not able to work out on their own.

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To be honest, with the soul
Guarchibao’s product is a team of crazy pros who really care about their business and follow the changes in your life, helping you to find harmony and confidence.
Guarchibao only works for the result that you can see and feel. We know that only progress can be a powerful motivation and an impulse for change for you.
Balanced nutrition is the basis of a new quality of life, not just weight loss. The main goal of the Guarchibao diet is to make this lifestyle as close as possible to its customers.
<strong> Expert</strong>
The quality department ensures that Guarchibao products comply with high safety standards in accordance with the International Rules for the organization of production and control.

Historyof success

Nikita Doldih
Overweight is gone, and now I feel light

While I was studying at the university I was engaged in a gym (rocked) for 4.5 years. Was in shape, weight 93 kg. Then he got a job, went to the routine, time was not enough free. Generally forgot about training. After 3 years without sports he was blown away, there was a lot of excess mass (not muscular). I decided to lose weight after all. I tried GUARCHIBAO and also forced myself to change the power a bit. The result was 77 kg in 4 months.


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