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If you are better to take out a bucket of garbage from the house than to do exercise, you know – you are not alone in this desire. Millions of people find millions of reasons not to run or do other sports. Stop thinking of exercise as something planned, something that needs special clothing and think of it as a fun and easy activity.

Wear loose clothes

If you don’t have to dress formally, wear sneakers and a tracksuit, or yoga pants. This simple advice will help you to feel freedom of movement. At any time when you need to bend over to reach something or to jump, you have made it very clear. In narrow jeans or shoes with high heels such freedom of movement just do not feel.

Take sports equipment from your children

Admit that every time you see a trampoline, a children’s slide or a scooter, you think “do not try, accidentally, and yourself.” Whether on the Playground, or in your yard – listen to your desire to “play” exactly when it occurs. For example, you take a rope and jump for 10 minutes (not necessarily without a break). And what do we have as a result? You burned as many calories as if you ran five kilometers! But don’t think about it, just jump while you can.

Park quickly

The next time you come to a crowded Parking lot, save your time and do not be nervous, winding circles in search of free space at the entrance to the store or office. Put the car in the nearest available space. Yes, you will have to walk a little, but the walk will be useful for the body. Still, it will take less time than hunting for a more “convenient” for you Parking option.
Rise without hands
We get up from the chair many times a day. Now the rule is to climb without using your hands. Pull your arms up to shoulder height (the glutes and abs are Contracting) and stand up. This may seem like a minor movement, but certain parts of your body will get a workout daily.

Listen to your favorite rhythmic music

Turn on your favorite music, and your head will begin to sway rhythmically. And if you are also in a good mood, the movement will resemble a dance – a great way to raise the heart rate and burn calories. That’s why Zumba fitness (dance fitness) classes are so popular today. Stuck in traffic? Turn on the radio and see how you can dance sitting!

Wash dishes productively

Brushing your teeth or washing dishes – a great case to stretch your legs. Standing at the sink, move one leg to the side, tighten the gluteal muscles, and stand for 30 seconds. Then do the same movement with the other foot. Continue to repeat these pendulum-like movements while washing dishes, and your back will be in good shape.

Avoid escalators

Yes, they are very convenient, but escalators in shopping centers and cinemas can bring more inconvenience than good. Moving at a snail’s pace, the crowd, the crush, the breath in the back of each other – you probably will be more pleasant (and healthy) to use the stairs. Ideally, to give up the elevators.

Buy a pedometer

If there is a device that motivates people more than others, it is a simple inexpensive pedometer. Knowing the number of steps you take during the day motivates you well. At first, you can only look at the screen in the evening, but do not have time to look back, as you already want to “beat” yesterday’s record. And then, it can lead to regular training, and you will love it.

Communicate in motion

When you do active sports with a friend or in a group, it’s more like socializing than training. Go on a walking tour, organize a game of football, roller skate in the schoolyard or just take a walk in the Park. You’ll be so busy that you won’t notice how many calories you’ve burned.

Be a tourist in your city

Anyone who has ever during the holidays, to feel what it’s like to Wake up in the morning with a pleasant delayed onset muscle soreness in the legs. When you go to the unknown places of your hometown, you do not notice the distances. Open a guide to your city (or nearby), take friends and play as tourists!

Count to ten.

Many people mistakenly believe that it makes no sense to load yourself if you run less than an hour or pump the press less than 50 times. In fact, the best way to instill a habit of exercising is to set smaller, more accessible goals. If you need to kill several minutes, do only 10 jumps type “its feet together, its feet apart”, or 10 sit-UPS, or 10 times raise your its feet. Who knows, the number 10 may seem too easy and you will want to increase the load.

Walk on foot for a reason

Perhaps you need a reason to go in for sports, more important than your health (although what could be more important?). Participation in the charity marathon motivates you at a deeper level. Knowing that you are helping others will encourage you to put on your sneakers and move.