Hello,it's Guarchibao

A new way of life that you love

What is Guarchibao? These are protein shakes, rich in polysaturated vitamins and natural extracts of tropical plants.
Together with the bars, Green bar make up a healthy balanced diet without strict bans.

The Guarchibao power supply system is not a limitation, but an opportunity to give the body the form you dreamed of.

Beauty will not require sacrifice!

The reasons why the diet of Guarchibao
suits you

We bet, when you think about proper nutrition, you don’t suspect that it can be tasty and simple. Therefore we are here! To dispel the myth that a healthy diet - it is necessarily tasteless and entails a great waste of money, time. The Guarchibao power system is designed specifically to save your resources and do your favorite things without worrying about the menu for the day.
Vitamins and Minerals
We made sure that our cocktails contain as many beneficial vitamins and minerals as possible. to give all the nutrients that the body needs.
Yes it is real. While you are enjoying your dessert cocktails, remember that there is NO sugar in them, so you can pamper yourself with a snack without a heavy feeling of guilt.
Vegetable proteins

Vegetable proteins are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. These proteins are not only good for your health. Recent studies show that they can help you lose weight. Our plant-based protein formula provides unique benefits to help you in your weight loss program.
Gluten, soy, artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals
We have made sure that our herbal diet cocktails contain all the ingredients that you need, and none of those that could validate. You can be sure that what you drink fully supports your health.
You will not find this essential ingredient in many cocktails that replace food, but prebiotics support your digestion, immune system, intestines, and general health, so we included 1 billion CFUs in each serving of the cocktail.
To create a fully balanced and healthy cocktail, we added a mixture of superfoods: guarana and chia. They give the cocktail vital antioxidants and nutrients to charge you with energy!

How to cook?

Cocktail is prepared on the basis of any drink - it can be water, milk, vegetable or fruit juices. It is important to ensure that the powder reaches complete dissolution and does not form a precipitate. Replace one meal with a bag of Guarchibao - and the results are not long in coming. After a week you will notice how those extra pounds start to go away, depending on the level of BMI, metabolism and other individual characteristics.

Production Guarchibao

Many other slimming cocktails are subjected to high temperature filtration, in which the protein loses all its valuable properties. Guarchibao production patented a cold filtration process, thus retaining useful and important product components.

Our talented team of specialists works every day to create unique products and never ceases to amaze with their developments. We never rest on our laurels and closely monitor the composition of each batch of raw materials.

What is in the composition?

Guarana Extract
Increases performance and speeds up metabolism, has tonic properties and dulls hunger.
Chia seed meal
The plant contains fatty acids, amino acids that nourish the body and remove excess fluid.
Baobab powder
Vegetable prebiotic restores microflora in the intestine and stimulates the formation of beneficial bacteria.
Apple and Citrus Pectin
Dietary fibers fill the stomach and satisfy hunger, helping to reduce the amount of food consumed.