7 main vitamins for your health and beauty

7 main vitamins for your health and beauty

April 7, 2022 04:18


7 main vitamins for your health and beauty


The elements that we need are like lego blocks, so let’s make a perfect match and create a piece of art!


Real beauty comes is on the inside, and then you radiate it outside. It is not only lightness and good mood that make you look and feel pretty or handsome. But also a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and elements, that make your skin, hair, mood and hormonal balance good, beautiful and healthy.


You can buy pricy creams as much as you want but still not be able to achieve the desired results without some dietary supplements that your body truly needs. Therefore, today we are analyzing the "main seven" which are the main vitamins for your beauty and health.




You will be surprised, but the thyroid gland is responsible for the absorption of calcium in the body, and the kidneys excrete the excess amount of it. Its functions are numerous: strength of bones and teeth, the proper functions of cells and even the beauty of your hair. An adult needs about 1 gram per day. Athletes, as well as pregnant and lactating women, need more. Food rich in calcium is dairy products, nuts and broccoli.




It is the king of excellent work of blood vessels and nerve impulses, and they, consequently, affect the work of every body cell - from head to toes. Magnesium also calms down the nervous system and improves your sleep quality. The first symptom of magnesium deficiency may be as following: cramps and a feeling of "crawling bugs" on the skin. On average, you need about 350 mg per day. You can get it from cereals, beans and green vegetables.




DNA and RNA have phosphorus in their structure, together with calcium and magnesium, they are responsible for the strength of bones. Due to its lack, you can notice weakness, experience bone pain and even anorexia. On average you need at least 1 gram per day. Mostly it is found in milk, meat, fish and eggs. Then it is also found in cereals, and just a tiny bit in juices and fruits.


Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is responsible for your nervous system. When you lack it you can experience hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging. Chronic deficiency leads to a weakening of immune system and chronic fatigue. Vegetarians are at risk because most of the B12 comes from red meat. It is also found in some types of beans.


Folic acid


The most feminine vitamin. It must be taken during pregnancy and preparation for it. It normalizes the nervous system, makes the nails and hair stronger. Beans, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, liver, kidneys, mushrooms and yeast are rich in it.




According to statistics, almost every second woman has anemia of one degree or another. Iron is necessary for the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in hemoglobin. Hair loss, congestion in the corners of the mouth, brittle nails, nervousness, shortness of breath, pale and dry skin - all these may be consequences of its deficiency. Its sources are primarily meat and fish. Unfortunately, iron is poorly absorbed by the body when you eat vegetables.




Zinc is considered to be the mist important element for the reproductive system, and it is also involved in the formation of the structure of skin cells, hair and nails. For men, it is important for the maturation of sperm, and for women - for the formation of eggs. Zinc deficiency often occurs in intestinal diseases when its absorption is disrupted. Zinc can be found in liver, eggs, seafood and beans.


Here they are - the 7 main vitamins for your beauty and health. It is best, of course, to follow a healthy, balanced diet. As you can see for yourself, we do not offer any overseas products. However, before including this or that element in your diet, it is better, of course, to take tests beforehand and act according to the individual needs of your body.