If you've been jumping 100 times since the morning, here are instructions on how to do it

If you've been jumping 100 times since the morning, here are instructions on how to do it

April 7, 2022 04:22

The advantages of jumping


All the body processes are known to slow down at night. The hormonal background and relaxation follow, the body is recovering after a hard day. But at the same time, stagnation occurs in the lymphatic system, which is the cause of swelling in the morning. If you want to feel better in the morning, there are two things you can do: various exercises or simple jumps. Besides feeling better, jumping exercises will get you rid of extra puffiness and liquid.

Lymphatic drainage jumps are the cure for cellulite, double chins and premature aging (many beauty bloggers write posts about it). At the same time, this activity takes not more than 2-3 minutes of morning time.

Of course, there are a lot of techniques of lymphatic drainage jumps. But only two of them have become popular and known.


Lymphatic drainage jumps activate leg muscles, increasing the outflow of lymph and blood.

While the blood is being pumped by the heart, there isn’t an organ like this in the lymphatic system, and the movement of lymph occurs due to pressure and contraction of surrounding tissues and organs, nerves, vessels, fascia. With vibrations caused by jumping, we seem to push the lymph up, increasing blood supply and thus helping our blood and lymphatic vessels perform their functions, such as  transportation, drainage, detoxification, barrier, and immune.

Since fluid accumulates mainly in our legs because of gravity, such stimulation reduces the amount of puffiness and swollenness.

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Hot to do lymphatic drainage jumps effectively


Stand on your toes so that your heels don’t touch the floor by 1-2 cm, and then rush down sharply, while the body is relaxed. Your body will experience a slight shock, concussion, vibration, in that case blood and lymph receive an additional impulse to move upwards. Move like this once per second, 30-60 repetitions per one set.


The intensity of lymphatic jumps can be adjusted by the height and frequency of vibrations. For healthy people, frequent rhythmic repetitions of 100-200 times with lifting on half-toes or light jumps on both legs are suitable. While landing slightly bend your knees.

If you have mild varicose, without any pains, and if you are quite elderly, then low, calm rates of jumps and soft heel strikes for 60-100 repetitions at a time are suitable for you. The intensity depends on how you feel while doing it.

Keep in mind that despite all the beneficial properties of such jumps, they will not produce visible results without any regularity in combination with other wellness exercises and healthy diet. Our experts are ready to help you choose the right products for you!


What is the catch?


If you are healthy, then there is no nighttime stagnation in the lymphatic system for you! The logic is as simple as that: we don't swell every night since our childhood. This happens only when we have a late dinner with salty dishes, after a flight or a storm. Men might not even know what swelling is. And we all sleep but only some experience puffiness.

Today, there is more scientific information about the functions of human body, and it is normal that some data is no longer effective or true. Please note that exercising too much (add a rope and running to it) worsens the condition of joints or vertebrae (for example, you can experience inflammation, protrusion or hyperlordosis, malocclusion), pains in the pelvic muscles or feet.


What am I to do before jumping?


It is best to warm up by breathing deeply and walking. - There are no contraindications, but still most people prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle- so the health problem is escalating. These two types of exercise are the most natural for the human body. The thoracic diaphragm promotes normal lymph outflow while breathing, the movement of the legs when walking activates the work of the muscles of the whole body, and, consequently, the movement of fluids inside. While walking and breathing there’s a natural massage of the internal organs – and this is the stimulation of the excretory system. Therefore, before you start jumping 200 times in the morning, it's better to check how much you walk daily, drink a glass of water during the day and don’t tolerate the stress of everyday life!