Liver and weight loss

Liver and weight loss

July 18, 2022 05:17

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How does your liver keep you from losing weight?


Our liver is considered to be the most patient organ of our body. That’s what it does:


- Removes toxins, that were already used and are now unnecessary for the body

- Bile is synthesized in it, it is involved in the digestion of fats

- It processes, stores and regulates glucose levels

- Destroys bacteria, free radicals and allergens

- And also works as a blood keeper and replenishes it when we lose it


And if the liver does not hurt, it does not mean that it is healthy. According to statistics, every third inhabitant of our country has some kind of abnormalities in the liver.


The widespread opinion that alcohol is to blame for everything is simply not true. One of the main factors in the appearance of liver diseases can be overweight. With obesity and excess fat so-called beta-oxidation starts, which leads to the formation of a large number of radicals that damage liver cells and cause inflammation.

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Surprisingly, more often such a disease is found among young people aged 18 to 39. The reason is banal – it's improper nutrition, fast food and even too fast weight loss of more than 1-2 kg per week! If we add up all these factors, we get a metabolic disorder, which leads to the failure of the main body mechanisms.


The main thing is to notice liver disease while it is still "dormant" and has not developed into cirrhosis. How to do it? Do an ultrasound and take tests. Fortunately, the liver has a very high ability to recover and at an early stage it is enough to normalize nutrition and get rid of bad habits.

Do the following to keep your liver healthy:

  1. Reduce the consumption of fat meat and sweets
  2. Eat more food with fibers – vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread and cereals
  3. Move more, walk, jog and play sports
  4. Alcohol is still allowed but only occasionally and in small quantities

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Doesn’t it seem that these rules are very similar to the rules of weight loss? You got it right. But keep in mind that you need to lose weight correctly: any uncontrolled fasting and extreme diets are a huge blow to the liver. Take care of the main filter of your body, we don't have any extra and spare ones!