Saggy skin that appears during weight loss

Saggy skin that appears during weight loss

July 18, 2022 05:17

Saggy skin that appears during weight loss


One of the biggest mistakes of losing weight is to do it too quickly! In this case, the skin simply does not keep up with the reduction of your volumes and gets saggy.


In fact, it is fat that we can get rid of without such results, the maximum of 100-150 grams per day can be lost. That is, only 1kg per week and 3-4 per month. Not more! Everything else is water, toxins, muscles, and so on.


However, if you are losing weight correctly, that is, slowly, but the skin still does not have time to adapt, then do the following:


First: reconsider your water and food intake

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Everything we eat or drink affects its condition. Therefore, choose healthy, organic products and have plenty of clean water.


Second: vitamins and minerals

Without them, there is no full-fledged metabolism, and therefore beauty. Pay your attention to a sufficient amount of vitamin C, vitamins A and E, the entire B group and collagen. By the way, the latter simply needs to be taken as supplements from the age of 20-25. 


Third: proper care

Loads of tips here!

- Check the ingredients of the beauty products, no aggressive  ingredients that disrupt the water-lipid balance should be listed in the content section. Say yes to a nice cold and hot shower and beauty baths – with salt, coniferous, oatmeal and rice.

- Include scrubbing for more effective cell renewal, that also helps to reduce bumps and stretch marks.

- Wraps and massages to improve blood flow, and hence cell nutrition. Try this: in olive oil, add 3-5 drops of lavender, orange or juniper oil, wrap yourself in cling film and chill under a blanket for half an hour.

All types of massages are beneficial: anti-cellulite, ultrasound, LPG, stone therapy and even just a massage with a brush at home.


And last but not least, training. Active physical exercises improve the condition of the whole body and the skin as well. Trained muscles make the body fitter and the skin smoother.


Here we presented some tips for preserving the elasticity of the skin in any situation imaginable. And most importantly - do not rush to lose extra pounds faster! This way they not only return quickly but also produce a bad effect on health, harming the skin as well.


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