Six Steps to Slimness

Six Steps to Slimness

March 5, 2022 05:23

In many ways, we’re like a ball; we’re constantly thrown from glamorous pictures of skinny models to the nearest candy shop and back again. There’s no real balance to speak of.


Little wonder that obesity is such a problem in modern society. According to recent data, three out of five people in Russia alone are overweight. And the question is not only about appearance, but health, which suffers the most!


Taking charge of weight management can be difficult, but instead of wasting time merely thinking about doing something, or worse, stuffing yourself with cake, set a goal. Just set a goal and begin, whether you feel ready or not.


Here are six steps that can help kickstart your transition to a new, slimmer and healthier you:

Step one: Make a new grocery list

The first, and arguably most important step to slimness is a proper diet. The ideal grocery list should include fish, poultry, lean meats, cereals and lots and lots of vegetables. Then you need to go to the store with your list, buy exactly those foods (not pizza or ready-made meals) and craft your new diet with the food you bought.

Sweets, by the way, are also allowed in moderation. Bitter chocolate, protein bars, marshmallows, jelly, and fruit are all decent options. But remember to keep your portions in check — just a little for health, good cheer, and no harm done to your figure!

Step two: Imagine you live in a desert

An awesome, yet simple weight loss algorithm: If you want to eat → you need to drink a glass of water and wait for 20 minutes → didn’t work? → Drink another glass of water and wait for 15 minutes → it's not working again? → Now you can eat.

It has been scientifically proven that half the time when our hand reaches for the next portion of food, we are simply thirsty! So, when we get the necessary amount of water (7-8 glasses of water per day or 2-3 liters) our health and metabolism benefit, and we’re likely to lose weight.

Step three: Create a healthy daily routine

The human body is a complex and "smart" mechanism. Thousands of chemical reactions occur in it every day, so you need a comprehensive approach to weight loss and health. That's why getting rid of pounds is often such a difficult problem. Ask yourself some questions:


  • Does the accumulated junk in your intestines from years of overeating weigh anything?
  • Does excess water that accumulates even after a small amount of salty food weigh anything?
  • Does fat that literally envelops every organ weigh anything?


Here’s what to do:



Forgetting anything? Great Guarchibao Coffee, healthy buckwheat for breakfast and chia seeds for proper nutrition. Choose what you like and lose weight with pleasure.

Step four: Move for pleasure

One more necessary step is activity. It’s not news that moving matters, but it raises the question: what kind of activity?

Jump, run, squat, walk, dance, sign up for the pool, join a yoga class. The main goal: get rid of the problem in your head, get out of the slumped sofa position, and pull your tush up out of the chair!

You don't have to exhaust yourself, regularity is more important, and quantity will also translate into quality. Choose what you like best and exercise with joy.


Step five: Enjoy the "beauty” treatments

The three pillars are wraps, massages and baths. Their goal is to firm up and tighten your body faster. They boost circulation, help to remove excess fluid and toxins, and fight off both cellulite and stress.

Not a bad way to relax, unwind, and help your body shed a few kilos!


Step six: Don't expect instant results

In a recent experiment scientists gathered 100 people aged 18 to 65 and asked them to maintain their weight for two months. Eventually, those who weighed themselves regularly lost weight and kept it off.

Those who didn't have scales gained about 2 kg. The conclusions to be draw from this study are up to you. Weighing yourself once every 1-2 weeks is ideal, no need to do it more often.

Thanks to these six steps, you will be able to lose weight WITHOUT starvation, WITHOUT diets, WITHOUT stress, with health benefits and the weight will not return.


You can do it!