Why some people lose weight quickly and others don't

Why some people lose weight quickly and others don't

June 2, 2022 09:26

  Who has an easier time losing weight?

  1. Women who became mothers a year or two ago.

After having a baby, during the first couple of years it is much easier for a woman to get into the desired shape. There are many factors, in fact - the hormonal levels normalize, besides the state of physiological pregnancy is over, and the nature is on the side of women and their soonest return to a slender, "pre-pregnancy" state. A prerequisite for getting started is the end of breastfeeding. There is nothing more necessary for the formation of the baby's health than mother's milk. But if for any reason it is impossible to breastfeed and gynecologist allows you to reduce weight, it is better not to put off solving this problem. Also at the end of the breastfeeding period, when all the age-appropriate complementary foods are introduced and there is no need to continue breastfeeding, it is also not worth putting off the decision to become fit. The main thing here is to do everything in time - do not run to find a solution to the problem of excess weight immediately from the maternity hospital, and do not put off solving this issue until the baby comes of age.


  1. Men.

Representatives of the stronger sex are much luckier, and their rate of weight loss is quite high. Of course, there is a difference in physiology, but also psychological aspects play a role. Men often do not go into analysis and endless searches for compromises, do not conduct internal dialogues with themselves, and just follow the recommendations, strictly according to instructions. And, as we know, following all recommendations or as many of them as possible leads to a fast and comfortable weight loss.


  1. Tall people.

Women whose height is above 170 cm and men above 180 cm. Even the first lost pounds become visually obvious. With each new day, with each week, with each month a person becomes fitter. The reaction of others will not be long to come. Admiring glances and compliments, of course, give new strength and energy to move forward to the cherished goal.


  1. Women under 30 and over 45 years old.

Most fall into that category, when weight loss causes the body to produce "happiness hormones" that may have been lacking in normal life. This is a huge incentive to change not only internally, but also externally. By getting an internal emotional boost, it is not uncommon for women to find the resources to improve their personal lives, to learn new professions, to have babies or other necessary opportunities that improve the quality of your life.

There you go. But if you don't fall into any category, and weight loss is an important topic for you, there is no reason to be upset. In the next post we will definitely look at how to become fit just in your case.

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