Guarchibao Phytococktails - A slim figure forever

Guarchibao Phytococktails - A slim figure forever

February 1, 2022 06:07

How many times a day or evening do you go to the fridge?

If you haven't counted, try it just for fun. Yes… all those extra trips to the kitchen are where those unpleasant folds on the sides of our bodies and the extra weight come from. Not to mention the harm these eating patterns cause the body.

Everyone knows that in order to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit.

Everyone knows that in order to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit. No matter how many additional weight-loss means and methods you use, if you eat more calories than you expend, your weight will increase. It doesn’t happen over one day or even one month, but gradually and imperceptibly. And then oops… you’re carrying an extra five kilograms. To rebuild the body and for proper weight loss, you also need time.

Overcome evening gluttony, the habit of running to the fridge and eating any stress you feel, with help from Guarchibao Phytococktails — powered by natural vitamins, one Weight Control sachet keeps hunger at bay and your eating habits on track.

Guarchibao slimming cocktails are a functional food and dietary supplement. Each package contains five sachets of our unique Phytococktail powder, detailed instructions, and recommendations on how to use the product.

Unlike other manufacturers who stick to basic protein shakes, Guarchibao Weight Control sachets contain a complex of natural extracts, chia seeds, plenty of dietary fiber and calcium, as well as minerals and vitamins in addition to protein.

When combined, the properties of all these essential elements that your body loves result in an effective (and delicious) shake that replaces one meal. Each cocktail helps the body's systems adjust to the active weight loss process, reduces the appetite, and helps you see excellent results on the scale.

Guarchibao slimming cocktails in sachet form are a full meal replacement solution. By replacing lunch or dinner with one shake per day, you create the calorie deficit that’s needed for weight loss, and reduce your weight comfortably without feeling hungry.

Don't believe it? Let us show you how simple it is:

— You simply drink a glass of plain, clean water
— Then place your Guarchibao Phytocockatil into a shaker with your choice of:
    Regular or plant-based milk
    Natural pouring yogurt
    Or plain water
— Shake the shaker for one to two minutes

That's it: a healthy, effective and natural weight-loss lunch or dinner is ready

Guarchibao Phytococktail Weight Control shakes

    Keep you feeling full for three to four hours.
    Normalize and speed up your body’s metabolic processes
    Help to control and reduce your appetite.
    Support the body’s systems as they shift into weight-loss mode


A few more secrets...

If you’re just starting to drink Guarchibao shakes, choose thicker bases such as milk, yogurt, or your favorite smoothie. As your body adjusts to these low-calorie options, switch to lighter bases such as sugar-free juices or water.

If you want to feel fuller, add your favorite berries or fruits to your Guarchibao shake. A scoop of Guarchibao chia seeds, which are recommended for weight loss and better health as they contain many nutrients, are also great as a hunger buster.

Have one Guarchibao shake instead of lunch or dinner every day and feel the difference. For the best results, stick with the shakes for three to four weeks minimum. During this time, you will not only lose weight but making lasting changes to your eating habits, which means you’re more likely to keep the pounds off forever!

Choose Guarchibao Phytococktail sachets in the flavor of your choice: pineapple, raspberry, mango, chocolate or vanilla. Or better yet, take a mixture of flavors and create your own Weight Control shake recipes over a month or two for effective weight loss.

By the way, Guarchibao Weight Control shakes are even tastier when made in our brightly colored Guarchibao shakers (we might be biased, of course!). Lose weight with pleasure and with all the added health benefits of Guarchibao’s unique formulation!

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Keep an eye out for our exclusive discounts and promotions and grab the chance to make Guarchibao, and lasting weight loss, a part of your life!