How to lose weight with yoga? Slow Workouts can be too!

How to lose weight with yoga? Slow Workouts can be too!

July 25, 2022 08:39

How to lose weight with yoga workouts? Slow workouts can be fat-burning too


Is it possible to lose weight with yoga? Who is it suitable for?


We are accustomed to the fact that yoga is the process of staying in a single posture for a certain period of time. Such an idea does not go well with weight loss, does it? However, it's not that simple.

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What kind of yoga is called fat-burning yoga?

The concept of fat-burning yoga can include both separate directions and some types of asanas, intervals of classes. Let's go through everything in order.


There is a huge number of varieties of yoga.


  1. Classical hatha yoga - burns about 189 kcal per hour. Staying in asanas from 30 seconds to five minutes, with the adjustment of body position and muscle work. During the practice not only asanas, but also breathing techniques, pranayamas, meditations, visualization, relaxation practices are used.


  1. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a power yoga practice that burns about 354 kcal per hour. Famous for combining movement with breathing and hard asanas.


  1. Bikram Yoga - hot yoga, burns about 477 kcal per hour. Classes are held in special humid rooms when the temperature is about +40℃.


And there are many other types. The practices of bihram and ashtanga are considered fat-burning, aimed at losing weight. There is an active strengthening of metabolic processes and intensive muscular work. But at the same time these practices are connected with increase of frequency of the heart muscle contraction. Therefore, it is necessary to understand, that with these practices those who have a weak heart (people who are prone to hypertension and headaches, for example) can be under threat.


Will there be an effect of "slow" yoga?


What to do in this case, for those who want to lose weight and consider yoga as the only option for easy body workout? Does it have no effect? False, and my students will prove it.

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Any other type of yoga includes the same set of asanas and the same breathing practices as described above. But the way you do it, the amount of time you spend in the asanas, and the smoothness of the transitions between them are different.


How to lose weight with classical yoga?


It's always possible to give a cardio block to the warmed up body in the middle of the practice. This way we will not only burn fat, but also gently train the cardiovascular system followed by a cool down.

The practices use warming pranayamas, which trigger toxin elimination mechanisms.

Yoga poses are great for pumping the cortex. Workout for beautiful relief

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Meditations, visualizations, relaxation practices complement the effect, creating a positive mindset in the practitioners towards their bodies.

Variety is important. Each session focuses on working different muscle groups. Gradually the whole body tightens, signs of cellulite decrease.

The inclusion of asanas, affecting "problem" zones, gives a faster effect of training. Twists, exercises for the abs, strengthening the hips and buttocks, work with the hands.


How to achieve the best results?


The best effect is achieved by those who do yoga classes and follow a healthy diet. It would be foolish to expect a drastic fat-burning effect from a single class. And what's more, if you celebrate it with a piece of cake, there will be no result whatsoever.

Whatever type of practice you choose for yourself, in any case yoga is about the process of ecological attitude to your body, the ability to listen to yourself, your needs. Give your body a rest when needed and enough exercise within limits. You have to do yoga with love for yourself and your body!