Why circadian rhythms matter

Why circadian rhythms matter

February 6, 2022 11:33
How to maintain normal circadian rhythms
Whenever possible, sleep and wake at the same time every day, get enough sleep and eat at suitable hours. Now, suitable is different for everyone, but as a general rule, try to avoid eating very late at night and eating at irregular times. How your body uses and stores the food you eat is also affected by time and interruptions to your ‘feeding pattern.’. So it makes sense to eat not only healthily, but according to a semi-structured pattern.

That doesn’t mean you need to stick to an incredibly rigid schedule for every single meal or snack — dinner doesn’t have to be on the table at 6:35 pm daily! But it does mean you should try to eat each meal at around the same time, say between 6 and 7 pm in the case of dinner.

Useful snacks to keep you full and your rhythms regular
While it’s all well and good to say it’s best to eat on a semi-regular schedule, that just doesn’t work for everyone all the time. Sometimes if you’re super busy at work you might skip a meal, eat a late lunch and then not eat dinner until much later in the evening. But doing this throws your rhythms off and means your body isn’t getting the full benefits of what you eat.

If the above situation happens to you often, or you find yourself reaching for junk food snacks, try and make some changes to how and when you snack. Switch the junk to something that’s packed with protein and will keep you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal.

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