Guarchibao Beet Smoothie Recipe

Guarchibao Beet Smoothie Recipe

August 5, 2022 06:57

When beets are blended with a Raspberry Meal Replacement Shake, you get a flavor that will satisfy your craving for all things that are sweet! Plus, as a benefit, every sip will saturate your body with vital nutrients and antioxidants; It's a truly invigorating, nutritious smoothie that contains 5g of protein, 4.5g of healthy fats and 9.4g of invaluable dietary fiber, all while being incredibly delicious!


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Rich and creamy flavor.

When making a dessert smoothie, you want the decadent taste of real berries like cranberries. That's exactly the flavor you'll find in this recipe derived from Guarchibao meal replacement smoothie. And while this smoothie powder provides a dreamy taste and smooth texture, it also contains plenty of nutrients to make your smoothie a healthy meal.


Each serving of the smoothie contains a complex of vitamins for health and immune system, as well as plenty of fiber.


Cranberries for Vitamin C.

For a natural sweetness, this delicious recipe also includes strawberries. You may be surprised to learn that this juicy berry is actually a great source of vitamin C - slightly more than oranges! As shown below, just one cup of strawberries provides you with more than a daily allowance of vitamin C, which can help strengthen your immune system. In addition to vitamin C, there are also vitamins B1, B2, K, and PP. Cranberries contain vital organic acids: not only citric and quinic acids, but also benzoic acid, malic acid, and other


Beets for the heart, brain and digestion

The next ingredient in this recipe is beets! As mentioned, cooked beets are added to naturally color this delicious Guarchibao beet smoothie and give the sweet treat its beautiful, classic red hue. This nutritious root vegetable contains manganese to strengthen bones, copper to maintain high energy levels and healthy red blood cells, and vitamins A and C for glowing skin.


In addition, beets are also good for your heart and brain and have anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight disease. Studies show that eating beets is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure and overall heart health. They can also help improve mental and cognitive function by increasing blood flow to the brain.


Ready to enjoy this blissful dessert drink that also offers the perfect fuel for your body and health? Check out the full recipe below!


Guarchibao beet smoothie recipe


- 3 tablespoons cranberries
- 3 tablespoons boiled beets
- 1 sachet Guarchibao Raspberry Meal Replacement Shake
- Glass of water

Blend ingredients in a blender and whisk until completely smooth.

Serve and enjoy!


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