Italian Coffee

Italian Coffee

April 7, 2022 04:12

There is a great variety of coffee traditions around the world. The biggest lovers of this drink obviously live in Turkey and Italy. In these countries, coffee is an integral part of culture. Here's a question: how often have you met obese people among the locals? Maybe coffee is the key to being fit?


Interesting Facts


The first coffee shop was opened back in the 17th century in Piazza San Marino, Italy. However, priests of the church declared coffee a drink of the devil and went to the Pope requesting to ban it. Eventually the Pope tasted coffee himself, blessed it and called it a truly Christian drink. Thus began the "golden age" of coffee in Italy.


Italy is also the birthplace of espresso. In 1884, bar owner Angelo Moriondo was looking for a way to speed up his service as his customers were always in a rush. So he managed to invent a coffee machine. The beverage that he got was called "espresso," which means "squeezed" or "special." Coffee was made separately for each guest.


All roads lead to Rome


It is simply impossible to count all the ways of coffee making in this country! Every coffee house owner invents his own original recipes, is always incredibly proud of them and keeps them a secret!


Italians drink coffee several times a day: a cup of velvet cappuccino in the morning and espresso or lungo in the afternoon. By the way, drinking coffee with milk after dinner is considered a mauvais ton. In their opinion, espresso is an excellent assistant in digestion after dinner, while coffee with milk leaves only heaviness and indigestion.


There is also a traditional coffee maker in Italy - the mocha. In fact, this is a geyser coffee maker known all over the world. It's much easier to just make coffee than to brew it: you can't keep it too hot. But as a reward, you get a drink with a divine aroma and amazing taste.


The benefits of real coffee


Take some time off, watch an Italian movie and treat yourself to an aromatic and healthy cup of Guarchibao Antioxidant coffee with a wonderful taste of the Italian dessert called Zabaglione. If it’s hot you can  try caffè freddo (iced coffee), it will refresh you and make your body burn fat.


By the way, it is scientifically proved that 2-4 cups of good coffee a day speed up metabolism and help to keep fit. Coffee also slows down aging process, prevents cellulite and many diseases.


So... Prendi un buon caffè, signori!

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