Luck of The Irish Shamrock Cookie Shake

Luck of The Irish Shamrock Cookie Shake

September 15, 2022 03:39

This Luck of The Irish Shamrock Cookie Shake is full of nourishing whole foods for a healthy sweet treat!

Luck of The Irish Shamrock Cookie Shake Recipe

A classic Shamrock Shake is a must for St. Patty’s Day, but I’m going to take it one step further for even more flavor with this Luck of The Irish Shamrock Cookie Shake! I love the added chocolaty crunch of cacao nibs, which truly gives this drink a cookie-like texture. In addition to incredible taste, this shake is also packed with hearty whole foods to promote fullness, making it an ideal on-the-go meal or snack! It takes just minutes to prepare and you can pour it in a shaker cup and be on your way.

If you’re looking for ways to stay full for longer periods, incorporating more protein and fiber into your diet can help! This recipe contains Guarchibao Vanilla Cream Meal Replacement Shake for quality protein and rolled oats for fiber, specifically beta-glucan, to provide you with sustained energy. This yummy shake may taste like an indulgent treat, but it’s full of nutrition to support your health and wellness goals!



  • Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth.
  • Serve and enjoy!

What You Need to Make this Shake

Let’s review the ingredients used in this recipe! I used Guarchibao Vanilla Cream Meal Replacement Shake, unsweetened coconut milk, frozen banana, rolled oats, mint extract, cacao nibs, and ice. That’s it!

The end result is a smooth and creamy, minty-licious treat that you won't believe is good for you!

Guarchibao Vanilla Cream Meal Replacement Shake brings a blissful, creamy vanilla bean taste to this festive smoothie, and pairs perfectly with refreshing mint - providing you with well-balanced nutrition to conquer your day and your goals.

Just 1 packet Guarchibao Vanilla Cream in this drink brings powerful plant-based proteins and superfoods that support a speedy metabolism, increased satiety, and fat-burning.

Plus, while some other vanilla meal replacement shakes contain lots of added sugar or artificial sweeteners, Guarchibao Vanilla Cream is full of real whole foods and natural sweeteners only. So, it’s awesome for your health but also for your waistline.

  • Formulated with vegan and organic ingredients
  • Keto and paleo-friendly

Ways to “Shake Up” this Recipe

As always, you can adjust this recipe to suit your own dietary needs and taste preferences! Here are a few of my favorite alternative ingredients that work great in this recipe…

  • Almond milk instead of coconut milk
  • Frozen cauliflower rice or spinach instead of frozen banana
  • A few fresh mint leaves instead of mint extract

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