I not only lost 6 kg, but acquired healthy habits

I not only lost 6 kg, but acquired healthy habits

February 6, 2022 11:31

After the birth of my first and second child I gained a lot of extra pounds. Many bloggers are talking about Guarchibao products, so I went to join the group and literally the next day there was a post about recruiting people to the #похудение21 project. I thought to myself, this is my chance!!!

I didn’t think I would get in, but out of 10,000 or so applications, 114 people were selected and I was among them! There was no limit to my happiness! I had a lot of support from the Guarchibao Family members and team. With their help and my efforts combined, I’m reaching my goal and helping others to lose weight.

A lot of people said to me: now that the marathon is over the weight will come back, and even more than before.

But the marathon ended on March 16 (my weight was 63.2 then), and today my weight is 61.2. The weight is not coming back, in fact, it keeps going away. Why is that?

Firstly, during the marathon I completely changed my dietary habits, now there’s no desire to eat like I used to. Now I train, although I used to be very lazy. Secondly, the marathon was a push toward my newlife, because I still have not achieved my final goal! Third, I’m losing weight for ME and not for anyone else! You really want to, then everything will work out!

I have achieved good results and am now a Guarchibao ambassador, which I am incredibly happy about! I continue to lose weight with their products and know the benefit is not only weighing less, it’s that I feel a hundred times better! Now everything is much easier for me because I am motivated by my results so far and do not want to stop.