8 tips for a healthier BBQ all summer long

8 tips for a healthier BBQ all summer long

July 25, 2022 08:38

For many people, getting together around the barbecue grill in the backyard is a "hot spot" during the whole summer. But if you're worried about following a healthy diet during all these amazing indulgences, don't worry! There is a plenty of ways to stick to a clean eating plan without denying yourself some of the typical barbecue dishes, whether the party is in your backyard or someone else's.


You don't have to sacrifice your health or figure to indulge! You just need to learn how to switch to healthy grilling recipes and prepare beforehand.


Here are our tips on how to enjoy your summer barbecue by following a healthy eating plan (and feeling great while doing so)!


1) Eat healthy snacks beforehand


It's best to arrive at the meeting slightly hungry - but not ready to devour the entire meal! So what to do. Start with a nutritious snack before the party starts! We like to make a quick, convenient meal replacement shake using a delicious and healthy protein powder.


Mix the powder with milk or add it to a blender with your favorite fruits and veggies for a hearty (but not overpowering) pre-party treat. Try one of these delicious smoothie recipes that will make you feel like you ate a sinful dessert before dinner!


Following a keto diet? This keto kit has everything you need to get your body into full ketosis before you hit the grill!


2) Don't skip the salad.


Salads are a fantastic, colorful side dish for barbecue, and they don't have to be boring! With the right ingredients, a salad can go unnoticed on the waistline and one of your guests' favorites. Interesting salad recipes use such flavorful combinations as watermelon and feta, jalapeño and corn, strawberries and spinach, peaches and arugula.


Quick tip: When making a salad, choose leafy greens first, such as dandelion, kale, spinach, etc. Then add your favorite summer fruits and vegetables. Try to refrain from heavy and processed dressings to save calories for another part of the meal.


3) Choose lean meat.


Chicken is the leanest meat for a healthy barbecue

If you are not following a keto diet and high-fat meat is not part of your meal plan, try to focus on lean meats and healthy barbecue recipes. This will help you reduce your calorie intake as well as your saturated fat intake.


Good lean meats include white meat chicken and turkey, as well as less fatty varieties of pork (such as pork chops) with the fat trimmed off. Also, keep the skin on chicken and turkey.


Think lean meats are boring? Give them a bright flavor with lively spices like cajun, jerk, cinnamon, chili pepper, cumin, turmeric, ginger and lemon pepper. Or top it off with a healthy but delicious sauce, such as homemade pesto (with olive oil, fresh herbs and spices).


4) Replace steak with seafood.


Replace steak with seafood for a healthy barbecue

Another great way to reduce your calorie intake and increase your "good fats" is to replace heavy, fatty cuts of steak with seafood. One of the best seafood options for barbecue is shrimp (imagine mouthwatering skewers of shrimp and complementary fruits or vegetables such as onions, pineapple, red peppers and watermelon). Shrimp can be pre-marinated in olive oil, fresh parsley, thyme and lemon for a fresh, juicy taste.


Other great fish and seafood options for your barbecue are salmon, swordfish, tuna, mussels, clams, scallops, crabs and oysters. All seafood can easily be used in healthy grilling recipes by adding them to foil packets and placing them on the grill. Do you like spicy food? Spice it up with a marinade or sriracha glaze!


5) Replace pasta salad with noodle salad.


Spiralized vegetables are one of the most popular replacements for pasta, especially for those following a low-carb diet. Vegetables that work great in a spiralizer include zucchini, summer squash, peppers, carrots, radishes and even celery. In addition, spaghetti squash is a great low-carb replacement for pasta. Simply bake the squash, then cut it open and use a fork to scrape out strands of noodle-like vegetables.


Once you have the pasta base, add a variety of summer vegetables to it, including tomatoes, green beans, avocados, peppers, spinach, onions and arugula. Top with olive oil, lemon and feta cheese for a healthier version of a traditional pasta salad.


6) Eat fruits for dessert


Fruit is a healthy alternative to desserts at a summer barbecue


There are so many delicious and nutritious fruits in season during the summer - and it's a great way to satisfy your cravings for sweets, naturally. Mix a few fresh berries (like blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries) with grapes, cherries and a little lemon juice for a simple but hearty treat. Or make a fruit salad with a few fruits: watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.


Peaches, plums and pears are also great juicy summer fruits that are great for fruit salads. And as an added bonus, you can grill them! When exposed to heat, their natural sugars open up and create a deeper, richer, completely delicate flavor. Try this healthy recipe for grilling peaches!


7) Always choose homemade over store-bought


Homemade guacamole instead of a store-bought one - a healthy alternative for summer barbecue. You've probably heard by now that it's always better (and healthier) to make homemade. Pre-prepared foods often contain a lot of preservatives and extra calories that can be avoided. Besides, homemade food just tastes better!


But you don't have to toil all day in the kitchen. You can quickly make delicious and healthy side dishes like guacamole, onion dip and hummus!


8) Substitute a smoothie for a guarchibao smoothie, a healthy substitute for barbecue smoothies.


While barbecue and alcoholic beverages often go hand in hand, they can add a few sneaky calories to your meal. Do you like sangria? This favorite summer drink is often made with fruit juice and sugar in addition to alcohol - you end up with a drink that has about 260 calories per 8 ounce glass! Instead, opt for a healthier, but equally delicious alternative that will keep you hydrated rather than dehydrated.


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