Rice Diet For Weight Loss_and Body Cleansing

Rice Diet For Weight Loss_and Body Cleansing

July 15, 2022 08:56

Rice diet for weight loss and body cleanse


Each of us from time to time would like to lose a few pounds quickly. So why not turn our gaze to the East. After all, in Eastern countries, where rice takes a leading place in traditional recipes, so many long-livers exist. That is for a reason.

After all, it is a unique cereal, which has many advantages. Rice is not only tasty but also very useful and if you want to cleanse your body - it is simply irreplaceable. By removing salts and toxins, it helps not only to reduce weight, but also to cleanse the body.



  1. It is good for cleansing the body
  2. Highly nourishing.
  3. Provides long lasting positive results
  4. Contains few calories
  5. Delicious
  6. Easy to follow and affordable

There are several types of diets and each one deserves attention.


The toughest type of rice diet, the duration should not exceed three days. It is allowed to eat only one glass of rice per day. If it is very hard to follow the diet, you can add only a couple of green apples. Drinking is not restricted. Cooked rice will be more convenient to be divided into several portions. Exclude all physical stress while following this diet.



A simple version. One dish should be served with rice, the second with boiled fish or seafood. Rice and fish cannot be mixed, but greens can be added. For drinking - mineral water. The diet is designed for five days.


The most effective diet. It is allowed to eat rice without salt with vegetables and greens. It is possible to add olive oil or soy sauce. Everything else is excluded. Vegetables should make up 1 of a portion of rice. You should drink green tea or mineral water. The diet should be followed a week.


The type that you choose will depend on the desired result. But whatever you have chosen, always remember that the diet should not bring a sense of discomfort, but only positive emotions.

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Get fit in a healthy way!