Water for weight loss when, how much and what kind of water to drink to achieve weight loss

Water for weight loss when, how much and what kind of water to drink to achieve weight loss

June 2, 2022 09:27

Never enough benefits of water are mentioned. Now we will talk about all of them and highlight the main ones. People underestimate the necessity to control the amount of water they drink, because this is a very important moment not only for those, who want to lose weight, but also for the rest of the people in their everyday life.

The importance of the daily amount of consumed water is also noted by many medical specialists. Especially for those who are faced with the treatment of serious diseases such as diabetes, urolithiasis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and many others. Everything is personal and complex, but the importance of the daily intake is always stressed by specialists and, of course, it is individual. We will look at what one needs to pay attention to. So: what is the effect of water for weight loss.


  1. What do we need water for?


Water is involved in the removal of products of breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, it helps to wash our body, removing all the decay products, toxins and even allergens. It is necessary for the biochemical process of fat processing, and thus it speeds up metabolism. Everyone knows that all redox reactions take place only in the water environment, protein is synthesized and fat is broken down, which responsible for skin turgor and elasticity, and therefore, beauty.


  1. What kind of water should we drink?


Still, quality, non-carbonated, bottled, with the appropriate quality certificates or filtered. It is better to drink water of room temperature, as cold water is known to stimulate appetite.


  1. How much should I really drink?


Contemporary experts agreed on the recommendations that not less than 1.5-2.0 liters of water should be taken daily by an adult, but also not more than 2.5-3.0 liters, all according to your lifestyle, activity, season and individual preferences. In fact, the most important thing here is to keep a balance between what you drink and what you excreted.


  1. How to drink?


Water must be dosed, i.e. distributed throughout the day and it is better to drink it by glasses.


  1. How to distribute it during the day?


There are many recommendations... In my opinion, a glass in the morning, right after awakening to compensate for night losses and to activate vital processes is a must. It is the same with the last evening glass before sleep as we will have 6-8 hours absence of intake, at that time we are losing water through skin, breathing, and we lose even more if it is winter and there is heating, blankets and so on... Drink a glass five minutes before meals - to stimulate digestion and run the enzymes to prepare for food. Drink another glass before taking a shower and any physical activity.


  1. How to develop the habit of drinking water?


One effective recommendation is to always carry a bottle of water with you. Its presence will be your main reminder. It is great to have a transparent bottle, you can cut and add something bright into it - a cucumber or an orange - works well, or you can just tie a bright ribbon around it. As soon as your gaze falls on that brightly colored thing, drink a glass of water.

And if your main excuse is I don't want to, now is the time to try to start drinking water. And observe with your doctor your state of health. Someone will easily normalize the evacuatory function of the intestines, someone's headaches will disappear, and, perhaps, you will lose the craving for flour and sweets, and thus the extra pounds will leave as well.

Nowadays it is the decrease in the daily norm of water, thatr many experts point out as the reason for weight gain in winter. I hope that now you are aware of the importance of water for weight loss and have poured yourself a glass of water.

Get fit easier at any time of the year and life.

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