A day with Guarchibao

A day with Guarchibao

March 5, 2022 10:02

Wondering how to take Guarchibao products, while switching to a proper diet and water intake plan for weight loss?


Here’s everything you wanted to know about using Guarchibao weight-loss products with real recommendations from experts.


Guarchibao’s weight-loss, nutrition and health products have a natural composition and easily fit into your schedule. You will find instructions for each product on the package labels. With the help of our products, you can easily switch to a proper diet.


There’s no complicated dishes and boring boiled chicken breasts. Everything is much more diverse and accessible.


You can vary the recipes to your liking. Plus, take Guarchibao products every day and get rid of excess weight. Our programs help you to lose weight by supporting the body’s processes and helping it move to active weight loss.


So, to start active weight loss (and get healthier in the process) follow the suggestions below:


Your plan for a new, healthy you with Guarchibao’s help


Thirty minutes before breakfast, be sure to drink one or two glasses of water (warm or room temperature) maybe add slice of lemon.




A healthy breakfast is an important part of any diet. It should trigger your metabolism and energize you. The best way to do this is with slow-burning carbohydrates, namely cereals! You can alternate them with healthy sandwiches, add greens, fruits and berries for variety and flavor.


For example:


Have a cup of Guarchibao Antioxidant Zabaglione coffee and make Crisp Superfood buckwheat in literally 2 minutes. You can also choose any other cereal. It’s better to cook your cereal in water with the addition of butter or cold-pressed vegetable oil. At breakfast, take one capsule of Guarchibao Fat Burner Day. The basis of this powerful fat burner is conjugated linoleic acid or CLA.




Have a natural Guarchibao Detox tea with a healthy Pro Snack bar. The composition of the products is completely balanced and will keep you going.


One or two hours before dinner, have a Drainage Liquor drink.


And 20-30 minutes before lunch, take two capsules of Appetite Corrector, be sure to drink a full glass of clean water with your supplement. It contains chromium and natural fiber, which blocks the appetite and will reduce your lunch by half.




Most often the most filling and calorific meal of the day. A basic rule of a healthy midday meal to remember: refuse the usual breads, meats, pastries, or the other tempting options in your local café. Instead, make sure your meal serves your body well.


For example:


Try a soup, and preferably without meat: instead, have a filling soup that features vegetable, grains, or beans. Or try buckwheat noodles with fresh vegetables. And, of course, take one capsule of Guarchibao Fat Burner Day. The composition is based on a powerful fat burner - conjugated linoleic acid or CLA.


And if you do not have time for lunch, just take a sachet and mix a Guarchibao shake. The flavor is your choice: pineapple, vanilla, raspberry, or even chocolate for those with a sweet tooth.


This shake has very few calories, but will keep you full for three to four hours. Plus, it contains a complex of nutrients: protein, fiber, vitamins, calcium and natural extracts for weight loss.




You can have another cup of Guarchibao Antioxidant Zabaglione coffee or Guarchibao Detox Tea. Or you could eat a portion of fruit, some low-fat cottage cheese, a handful of nuts or dried fruits, or drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie.


The main purpose of such snacks is to keep you sated and to ensure you don’t eat too much at dinner. Also, when you break your usual food intake into five small meals instead of three larger ones, it becomes psychologically easier to get used to small portions.




Every day you can replace your dinner with a Guarchibao Shake. Try different bases (milk, yoghurt, juice, etc.) to make your shake and don't forget to drink a glass of pure water BEFORE. You can add fruit, berries or a scoop of chia seeds for health and flavor.


If you have a dinner planned, an evening meal is a great time for protein and fiber. That is, a piece of meat or fish with a fresh salad or stewed vegetables. Choose non-starchy vegetables, and lean meat and fish.


And take a Fat Burner Night capsule from Guarchibao. The composition is natural, and can help improve your sleep.


Before going to bed it is great to drink Guarchibao Mg Soluble magnesium.


And if you feel uncontrollable hunger and realize that you’re about to give up! Don't bear with it, eat a small piece of chicken breast or drink a water-based Guarchibao for MOMS shake. It contains a complex of healthy micronutrients and a special protein that gives a long feeling of satiety.


A separate, very important rule for weight loss and a good metabolism: drink two to three liters of pure water every day! Preferably warm. Drink water before your meals and during your meals. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water, too — it will help you to understand whether you’re actually hungry or just thirsty.


Follow this diet, or one based on it, and you will quickly become accustomed to it. You won’t feel hungry, your body will crave healthy food, and weight will melt off right in front of your eyes.


Read reviews of people who have already changed their lives with Guarchibao! The results speak for themselves. You can view the products, get help choosing the right products or plan for you, and make an order directly on our site.