Ditch the orange peel: 6 tips for combating cellulite

Ditch the orange peel: 6 tips for combating cellulite

February 6, 2022 11:34
Ah cellulite, that most cunning of all bodily tissues. If cellulite remains a problem for you, you’re certainly not alone. And it’s nigh on impossible to get rid of this stuff with just a single type of workout. We need a whole strategy instead.
The internet abounds with tips and ‘miracle’ cures for cellulite, but how many of these actually work? The bad news is that miracle cures don’t really exist. But the good news is that you can combat cellulite to a certain extent. Here’s our top tips:


We need to eat a healthy diet anyway that’s full of the right nutrients, macros, and minerals our bodies need. But when it comes to cellulite, you need to take things a step further, to hit cellulite where it hurts, you want a diet that normalizes your metabolism and helps eliminate toxins. Struggling with this bit? Try replacing one or two meals with Guarchibao Weight Control shakes.

Sports and fitness

As everyone knows, movement matters, it keeps us fit and healthy. But for cellulite, movement and fitness equals certain death. Playing sports or working out makes the heart beat stronger and thus improves the metabolism and fat burning processes, and it makes our muscles stronger. The result is conditions that the dreaded orange peel finds hard to live with.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics

While not a panacea, specialist anti-cellulite treatments can help when used in combination with diet and fitness. Wraps, for example, especially those with the addition of menthol or seaweed complexes can help your body break down the peel.


Good news: cellulite hates the sea! Add some swimming to your usual workout plan (whether in the ocean or a pool) and reap the anti-cellulite rewards, the added tone in your arms and shoulders will be a nice little bonus too.


Massage can help improve circulation in certain areas of your body, which can also mean getting that cellulite moving in your preferred direction — off your body. Gently massage the skin in the direction of blood flow, from the feet to the heart. Or, get a professional masseuse to give you a massage for the ultimate in anti-cellulite relaxation.

Get enough water

Few of us drink enough water every day, even though we all know how good it is for us. To help your body really ditch the orange peel, drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. Sure, juices and tea and coffee contain water, but it’s not the same. Stick to the pure stuff as much as possible.