How to stay in the form after 40 years

How to stay in the form after 40 years

May 23, 2022 03:11

How to stay fit after 40?


Getting past forty-year is no reason to succumb to the aging process and admit that your body will not be the same as before. If you have a look at athletes, it is obvious that their shape does not get worse after 40. Follow these tips if you want to stay active and keep your body fit.


Choose your workouts carefully


Physical activity and rest should not lead to a chronic fatigue. You should not overdo it, trying to achieve results as fast as possible, sports should keep the body fit, but not exhaust it.




This point especially applies to those who work with weights. Strength training should be combined with recovery workouts and rituals such as yoga, cold baths, and the use of fitness rollers. Proper recovery from strength training increases the range of motion after work leading to the removal of restrictions that lead to injuries.


Alternate intensity of the workouts


It's important to have a proper balance in training intensity, for example 20% high-intensity and 80% moderate-intensity workouts. If a light recovery workout is scheduled, there is no need to increase the intensity even if you feel full of energy.


Provide your muscles with nutrition


In order to maintain muscle mass, you need to provide your muscles with adequate nutrition. If you've gained muscle mass, it means you have an idea of proper nutrition, eat lots of protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and don't abuse sugars and processed foods. After age 40, you need more protein to maintain muscles, plus adding protein to any meal lowers the glycemic index of other foods.


Creatine supplements can be used to increase stamina and additional muscle support.

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Work on your balance


Balance exercises develop small muscle groups that are often not included during a core workout. Focusing on small muscles and muscle groups develops the body's functional strength and protects it from potential injury.


Don't Run Feeling Pain


The mistakes don’t showing up until after the age of forty. People can be running for years in unsuitable shoes, do not control how they land - on their toes or heels, do not master running technique, but they only face pain after the age of 40. If you feel that running has begun to bring discomfort or even severe pains, rather than pleasure, you need to think about your health and take a few sessions with a running coach to point out mistakes and help correct them.