Wraps help you lose weight

Wraps help you lose weight

July 25, 2022 08:38

Proper weight loss, including the normalization of sleep patterns, proper nutrition and exercise, is a long and painstaking process. In order to speed it up, many people resort to cosmetological services.

LPG-massage, cedar barrel, cold and hot wraps - all these are looked upon as effective tools for rapid weight loss. But are they really useful?

Consider the most popular procedures for weight loss and figure out what really works, and what is not worth spending time and money on.


Myostimulation .

During the procedure, electrodes are attached to the body, transmitting electrical impulses. Under the influence of the current, muscles contract and strengthen, and fatty tissue rapidly melts away.

Advertisements claim that myostimulation consumes up to 2,000 calories per session - well, isn't that a miracle!

In practice, of course, this is not how it works. Myostimulation only mimics muscle contractions, so the calorie expenditure during the procedure is minimal. If an hour of training in the gym helps to burn about 400 calories, during myostimulation will be spent no more than 100.

The fat-burning effect of the procedure also has nothing to do with reality. Fat layer always decreases evenly - and neither myostimulation nor exercises will help to remove it only in one area.

Nevertheless, myostimulation actually helps to strengthen the muscles. That is why it is actively used in the rehabilitation of "lying" patients, who need to maintain muscle tone.

Sessions of myostimulation can be carried out in the recovery period after surgery, injury or stroke. But they are practically useless for weight loss.

Wraps and other warming procedures

Salon and home body wraps are performed as follows: a certain mixture is applied to the skin, and the body is wrapped with a film on top. To increase the warming effect, sometimes the desired area is additionally covered with a blanket.

It is believed that wraps improve the condition of the skin and break down fat in problematic areas.

There is some truth in this: when the body is heated, the pores expand, and the applied cosmetics work much more effectively. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and softer to the touch and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

There is also a reduction in volume, but it has nothing to do with the "splitting of fat". The body under the film is actively sweating, as a result of which the body loses moisture, and the weight is reduced. Naturally, this effect of "losing weight" is short-lived - as soon as you drink enough, everything will come back.

By the way, infrared therapy, cedar barrel, sauna and other procedures aimed at warming up the body and sweating work in exactly the same way.

Manual and instrumental body massage

Many different massage techniques are used in cosmetology to lose weight and reduce cellulite:

- LPG-massage is based on the effects of special attachments. The procedure helps to tone the skin, reduce stretch marks and wrinkles, and get rid of puffiness. Unfortunately, there is practically no weight loss effect from this procedure;

- Vacuum massage is carried out with the help of rollers, laser or conventional cans. This procedure affects small parts of the body and noticeably improves the blood circulation, but it is quite traumatic, so it must be done with caution. Massage with vacuum has a good effect on the skin, but it almost does not help to lose weight;

- During the honey massage, jerky slaps are performed on the skin covered with a layer of honey. The 15-minute session perfectly saturates the skin with nutrients, increases tissue turgor and reduces cellulite, but has little effect on getting rid of extra pounds;

- Lymph drainage "drives" blood and lymph toward the center of the body, thereby helping to relieve swelling, improve skin condition and speed up metabolism. During the apparatus procedure extra fluid is also flushed out - this helps to reduce the volume, but not for long.

Properly performed procedure will help you speed up blood and lymph flow, stimulate metabolism and noticeably improve the condition of your skin.

Massage sessions are beneficial for the whole body, but they cannot be called a cure-all. If you neglect good nutrition and sports, the massage alone will not help to lose weight.

Lipolysis and liposuction

In recent years, extremely popular is lipolysis - a low-traumatic, but at the same time extremely effective way to get rid of extra centimeters.

Cosmetologists distinguish several main types of lipolysis:

- Cryolipolysis acts on fat cells with cold, triggering their crystallization and subsequent destruction;

- Ultrasonic lipolysis (cavitation) is performed using ultrasonic waves, which penetrate deep into the tissues and fat cells. The main condition is that the fat layer must be at least 15 mm;

- Radiofrequency lipolysis (radiofrequency, RF) heats tissues by applying electromagnetic waves to them. As a result, the surface fat cells are killed;

- Injection lipolysis is performed with phosphatidylcholine, a special substance from soybeans that stimulates metabolism and promotes localized fat burning;

- Laser lipolysis destroys fatty tissue by applying a laser beam to it. The procedure allows you to treat small areas of the body - such as the knees, cheeks and chin.

In combination with lipolysis sessions it is recommended to perform hardware pressotherapy - it helps to remove the destroyed fat cells from the body faster.


Competently carried out lipolysis unambiguously helps to lose weight, but to achieve a pronounced effect, you will likely need to go through several courses. Another disadvantage is that the result of the procedure is difficult to predict.

If you need to get rid of excess weight "here and now", and there is no time for several sessions of lipolysis, liposuction is your choice.

Liposuction is currently the most reliable and easiest way to lose weight.

Unlike lipolysis, liposuction allows you to remove all excess fat at once and in its entirety. The disadvantages include only a long recovery period - even if the procedure was minimally invasive, soft tissue is still traumatized and swollen.

To speed up recovery from liposuction, it is recommended to wear compression stockings, to refuse salty foods, and 10-14 days after the intervention to begin lymphatic drainage procedures.

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