My result is 13 kg and I’m still on my journey!

My result is 13 kg and I’m still on my journey!

February 6, 2022 11:30

It’s my turn to tell everyone about myself and my path to a healthy and slim body!

I probably need to start from the beginning, I had always been very thin and people commented on that often. I’m 157 cm tall and my weight was always 48 kg. Then I got married and fell pregnant, and post pregnancy my weight reached 75.5 kg. I got it back down to 61 kg but it didn’t last and it rose to 77 kg.

For 2 years I tried to lose weight but all my attempts were in vain, I did intermittent fasting and followed various diets. But nothing worked and after a while, I did not want to do anything because I did not see the results.

On Instagram, I saw bloggers talking about Guarchibao and I decided to buy myself the maximum course. On December 1, 2020 I began to lose weight and to this day I am still working towards my goal! Now I am on the right nutritional path, training with our super coach Alexander, drinking enough water and, of course, continuing to slim down with Guarchibao! And guess what? I’ve already lost more than 13 kilos!