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Guarchibao 120 Capsules Weight Loss Program

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Guarchibao slimming program 120 capsules and slimming 24/7.

The program is designed for a whole month and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Especially for businessmen and businesswomen who have no time to mix and cook anything as it saves a lot of time.

Kit includes: 
- Fat Burner Day - 2 containers (60 capsules)
- Fat Burner Night - 1 container (30 capsules)
- Appetite Corrector - 1 container (30 capsules)

Main active ingredients:
- Conjugated linoleic acid - breaks down body fat
- Garcinia extract - breaks down fat cells and suppresses appetite
- Chromium picolinate - reduces sugar cravings and speeds up fat metabolism
- Konjac fibers - reduce appetite and improve digestion
- Guggul resin extract - speeds up metabolism
- Fennel seeds - normalize the work of digestion
- Maca root extract - soothes and normalizes the nervous system

Usage recommendations:
You are to drink 1 capsule of fat burner Fat Burner Day during breakfast and lunch. Do it 15-20 minutes before lunch, take 2 capsules of Appetite Corrector at once, be sure to drink a full glass of water. Take Fat Burner Night drink 1 capsule during dinner or 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The program is designed for 1 month of admission. Usage instructions are written on each product package.

Also during the course, it is important to follow a balanced diet as much as possible and be sure to observe the drinking regimen (2-3 liters of pure water per day).

If you are underage, then you need to check your individual intolerance to the components, also do that if you are pregnant or lactating. It is recommended to consult a doctor before taking.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

The speed of losing weight depends on the exact observance of all instructions and recommendations, as well as the individual characteristics of your body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Lucia B.
Another great product

Another great product from Guarchibao! Like it says even if you aren’t needing to cut water weight it’s great for a detox and for me it gave me a boost of energy and my waist slimmed up a little too!

works great

I have been using this for a little over a week so far. It works great and I have really noticed a difference already. I have not had any bloating and even my rings are loose now!

Roy T.
Great fluid retention relief

These little capsules are amazing. The work well but don't have you racing to the bathroom in urgency. My ankles that kept a small amount of fluid all the time, even with lasix, are no longer an issue.

Cody H.
Did my first cycle a

Did my first cycle a few months ago, it helped me get over the plateau I was having. Starting my 2nd cycle here shortly, to get ready for summer

Kevin H.
Amazing product right here!!!!! Have

Amazing product right here!!!!! Have zero complaints. I personally feel more focused in the gym as well as my home life. I really like the fact that is very easy to take don’t have to have a bunch of big bulky powder containers all over. No shakers rolling around my truck. Highly recommend.