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Guarchibao Ground Antioxidant Coffee with Turmeric — Energy & Immune Support

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A specialty blend of premium Arabica and Robusta beans in a finely ground, dark roast. Guarchibao Antioxidant Coffee also contains turmeric (in the form of a special Curcumin C3 Reduct concentrate), which has been in use since ancient times and is known for its broad range of health benefits.. Guarchibao coffee has a powerful antioxidizing effect, it helps slow the aging process in cells, gives you an energy boost, speeds up the metabolism, eases fat digestion, fights cellulite and makes your skin more flexible. The taste of the famous Italian dessert Zabaglione is subtly sweet and there’s no need to add sugar!

Recommendations for use: Our Antioxidant Coffee is best suited to the pour over, French press, and Turkish brewing methods. Make coffee your preferred way and enjoy the rich zabaglione flavor (and the energy boost!).

What’s inside our Antioxidant Coffee?

  • Curcumin speeds up the metabolism and enhances cell rejuvenation and recovery
  • Arabica and robusta coffee for an energy kick, better digestion, and a metabolic boost

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components.

Product composition: Roasted ground coffee (Arabica and Robusta), turmeric (Curcumin C3 Reduct), zabaglione flavor.

Product details:

  • Universal product ID: G40000BAO
  • Best if used by: 06.2023
  • Storage conditions: Keep in a tightly closed package at a temperature of 25°С or below and relative air humidity of 75% or below.
  • Product form: Finely ground dark-roast coffee
  • Number of items in the package: 200 grams
  • Gross weight: 230 grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Good value for money

This was a very good price, and had a current date. Pop one in the freezer, use the other and all is good.

At the same price point, I would happily purchase again, Peets is a very nice coffee. For those who downgrade for the flexible closure falling off, it's a non-issue, this happens with all bags like this at one time or another. Just fold the bag over the closure and it works fine.


This coffee has the most amazing taste I've ever tried. It has the greatest roasted, fresh and high quality flavor available and is very fair in price for it's quality. Since trying this coffee, nothing else compares and it is now the only brand I will drink. I highly recommend trying this coffee, you won't be disappointed. Keep up the good work Pete's coffee!!

Joseph Dangovetsky
Great Taste!

I actually found this brand visiting a major steakhouse chain. Upon enjoying an after dinner cup of brew I casually asked the server what brand of coffee they were serving. He gave me a complimentary package which I then found on Google. Maybe manufacturers should openly advertise their products alongside or in association with food establishments. Until that dinner I had never heard of Peet's. Great bold taste especially straight up black.

A pleasant twist on dark roast.

I like dark roast for the low acidity, but often find them too strong. This is a mellow dark roast and easy to enjoy.

Rock Climber
This is the good stuff

A Good Coffee Option