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Guarchibao Extra Slimming and Fat Burning Program

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Guarchibao "Extra weight loss and fat burning" Program

The most concentrated program of the Guarchibao line. It is designed for 1 month of active fat burning and provides weight loss up to 7-10 kg.

The program "Extra-weight loss and fat burning" includes 8 items at once:
- 60 fat burner capsules Fat Burner based on the most effective dosage
- 4 packs of Sachets at once for 4 weeks for making slimming cocktails
- Drainage and detox tea to cleanse the systems and more actively assimilate all the beneficial components

All products are based on natural extracts and additionally enriched with a special complex of vitamins and minerals for losing weight.

Thanks to this set, you can effectively reduce weight, as well as restore all metabolic processes and improve health.

Lose weight effectively and tasty with Guarchibao!
Indications for use: active weight loss and fat burning in 1 month.

Kit includes:
- Guarchibao Fat Burner Day - 2 containers (60 capsules)
- Packages of Guarchibao Weight Control with Raspberry, Pineapple, Chocolate, Vanilla flavors (20 cocktails)
- Guarchibao Drainage Liquor Mango Flavor - 1 Pack (15 sachets)
- Guarchibao Detox Extra Herbal Tea Apple-Cinnamon - 1 Pack (20 Filter Packs)

Main active ingredients:
- Conjugated linoleic acid - breaks down body fat
- Extract of brown algae Lithothamnion - restores metabolism
- Several types of fiber - stimulate digestion
- Pulp of baobab fruit - affects the appetite suppression mechanisms
- Vegetable protein - contributes to the rapid recovery of the body
- Guarana extract - gives energy and promotes the breakdown of fats
- Chia seeds are an indispensable storehouse of nutrients and vitamins
- Milk thistle seeds - protect the body from the penetration of toxins
- Yarrow herb - has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect

 Usage recommendations:
You are to drink 2 Fat Burner fat burner capsules per day - 1 each during breakfast and lunch.
Before lunch you are to drink drainage and detox tea. To prepare a drink, dissolve 5 grams (1 sachet) of drainage in a glass of warm water. We brew tea as usual and let it brew for 5 minutes.
One sachet of Gurchibao is added to any product of your choice: water, milk, yogurt, juice or smoothies. Stir well in a cup or shaker, and replace lunch or dinner with a cocktail according to the 5/2 scheme (drink 5 days / 2 break).
The program is designed for 1 month of active fat burning.

Instructions for use are written on each product package.
Also during the course, it is important to balance the diet as much as possible and be sure to observe the drinking regime - drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day.

If you are underage, if you have an individual intolerance to the components, if you are pregnant or lactating. It is recommended to consult a doctor before taking.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

The speed of losing weight depends on the exact observance of all instructions and recommendations, as well as the individual characteristics of your body.

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I have not received my order

Very disappointing!!!!! I have not received my order. Please contact me back.

Guarchibao helps keep me straight

Guarchibao helps keep me straight on such a curvy road of eating. This bundle had literally everything I needed!

Sarah C.
Very good taste and keeps

Very good taste and keeps me full!

Fast shipping

Fast delivery. Hopefully this will help improve protein and etc.

delicious great dessert substitute cheap

delicious great dessert substitute and far less costly lose weight now go exercise