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Guarchibao for Moms, Strawberry — Dietary Supplement for Better Milk Flow, Lactation Support, and Weight Loss (1 Pack of 5 Servings)

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  • Lactation Supplement — Guarchibao for Moms is designed to help breastfeeding mothers by promoting breast milk production. Each sachet contains naturally sourced herbs and is gluten and GMO-free.
  • Guarchibao for Moms Tastes Great — Our concentrated strawberry powder is low in calories, reduces appetite, and regulates digestion, all while promoting better milk flow.
  • Milk Supply Booster — Micellar casein and chlorella are rich in quality protein, phosphorus, and calcium to strengthen bones while arctic algae extract helps relieve puffiness. 100% natural extracts, minerals, and vitamins for lactation support.
  • Lactation Drink Mix — Mix Guarchibao for Moms vitamin shakes with water, fruit juice, or your favorite smoothie. Easy for breastfeeding moms to take on the go.
  • Made with Love — From conception to birth, breastfeeding, and beyond, Guarchibao delivers mom-approved solutions for every stage of motherhood.

Guarchibao for Moms provides specialized nutrition for nursing mothers. We’ve designed our shakes with care to help you gently lose weight after giving birth, improve the quality of your breast milk, and supply your body with all the good stuff it needs while you’re breastfeeding. Our products for mothers meet all required safety standards and include the most effective and proven ingredients to support you at this special time. Just one such shake in the evening significantly improves the quality of breast milk and strengthens your immunity. And the taste of strawberries will give you a few extra minutes of pleasure just for yourself.

Customer Reviews

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Good and effective product

On behalf of my wife: Even though I lost the package, wanted to leave a review to help other mama’s. Got it from target. This product is really good and helped with my wife’s supply when taken with other supplements. Started to notice a serious dip at 5m. She is exclusively pumping. Without this pumped about average of 3.5 * 5 times a day. With this once s day, she is able to produce an extra oz every time. That’s still extra 5oz per day which can be used later. Will keep using it.

A Yummy Treat, Helped me!

I ordered these lactation support packets to help with milk production. I have been taking them about every other day for the past month and have definitely noticed an increase in production. Plus they are a yummy treat as opposed to just drinking plain water. The number one method for increasing your milk supply is, of course, frequent and consistent pumping, but I feel like these easy-to-travel-with juice packets also add an extra boost! I’d recommend giving them a try!


This tastes great and really worked for me. I drank it in the morning and at night and the next morning pumped 7 ounces when usually I can only get maybe 2 a day.

This stuff works!

I'm a mom of three kids. My third baby is currently 2 and half months. The times we go through cluster feeding I take this with water. Within a few hours I feel full. I also started pumping and the days I take this I pump 4 to 5 oz on one breast alone. When I don't I get about 2 oz to 2.5oz. I recommend this product!!

Fabulous for working mamas who pump or those who don't, but struggle with supply!

I returned to work full-time in January after having baby #3. I had previously struggled with milk supply when I returned to work each time with my first two babies, so I knew I needed to get a supplement that would help me keep up! I stumbled upon Guarchibao and it is fabulous. I drink it every morning to help with my afternoon supply, and it really gives me the boost I need to continue nursing and pumping. My baby is 7 months old now and I've been able to keep my milk supply up so well that I can strictly nurse her on weekends. LOVE this product! :)