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Guarchibao Night-Time Fat Burner - 30 Capsules

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  • Natural Night-Time Fat Burner — Guarchibao Fat Burner Night contains garcinia cambogia, Peruvian maca, and guggul tree resin, three natural weight-loss agents that get to work while you sleep.
  • Boost Your Metabolism — Garcinia cambogia extract helps your body break down fat cells and reduces your appetite. Night-time capsules offer an easy, a holistic approach to calorie burning.
  • 100% Natural — Guarchibao Fat Burner Night capsules contain carefully selected and well-balanced plant extracts with clinically proven efficacy as weight-loss agents.
  • Appetite Suppressant —Fat Burner Night makes weight loss simple by acting as an appetite suppressant, reducing feelings of hunger, and boosting your energy levels. Night-time diet pills that work fast for women and men.
  • Wake Up Refreshed — Our supplement helps men and women burn their stubborn belly fat without compromising energy levels. Get the restful sleep you deserve and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day.

    The benefits with Fat Burner Night.

    • While you sleep, Fat Burner Night by Guarchibao speeds up your metabolism and activates your body’s own fat-burning processes.
    • Each capsule contains 100% natural ingredients with no nasty additives or preservatives.
    • Fat Burner Night makes it easy to reach your weight-loss goals.
    • Take one capsule per day, either with dinner or two to three hours before bedtime.
    • The minimum recommended course of treatment is 30 days


    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Fat burner

Say two day shipping took like four days But I just started this so I don't feel a huge change yet but when taking this drink enough water. Not a bad taste either.

Its a good thing for fat people like me its cool

Its good i love it it made me lose 30 pounds in a week jesus god is good i love this

Megan K.
Needed Boost

Ok, I workout and follow a healthy diet, but I need it an extra boost. That's when I found out this amazing product! When you sleep, your body recovers, so taking a supplement that helps not only with your weight, but also will help you to sleep better is a win-win situation!


Awesome product. I feel like its working.

Marjorie Murillo
5 star review

The product is helping me with my weight and I am eating less. Good product.