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The holidays are over, and you still haven’t taken care of yourself? Do not forget that before the summer is less time, it’s time to pull yourself together and start exercising. These simple exercises will help to tighten the stomach and make it flatter.

Exercise 1:

Take a deep breath in the abdomen, maximum protruding abdominal wall. One, two, three, four, five. Relaxed, exhaled all the air through his mouth. They drew the stomach into themselves, pulling it up to the stomach. Like you want to hide it under your ribs. Hold your breath. One, two, three. Inhaled again, repeating the exercise as many times as you are. If you can not immediately perform this number of repetitions, then during the day continue to do it. Because this exercise can be performed standing, sitting imperceptibly. Believe me, this exercise copes remarkably with fatty deposits on the abdomen and massages the abdominal organs.

Exercise 2:

“Evil cat.” Get on your knees, lean on your palms. Maximum breathe a nose, pulling the abdomen under the ribs, lignite up the back. Lower your head down to your chest. You should get a pose “h” – pose evil cat, when she suddenly met with the dog. Hold your breath, on the count of eight exhale, relax. Back to square one. Repeat three times.

Exercise 3:

The next exercise, most likely, you know from childhood, from physical education lessons. But this does not detract from its effectiveness. It also helps to remove the stomach, tighten slightly sagging sides, reduce fat deposits at the waist. So, we lie on a flat surface, hands behind the head. Legs slightly bend and feet put on a floor. Once, lifted the torso and stretch the left elbow to the right knee. Two, back to square one. Three, right elbow to left knee. Four, back to square one. We repeat as many times as we can. Just don’t overdo it the first time. Otherwise, next time you won’t want to do this wonderful exercise, or you won’t be able to because of muscle pain. It is better to gradually increase the load on the muscles than to stop halfway. And a couple of words about this exercise. It stimulates the oblique abdominal muscles, which in turn burn fat around the waist and tighten the skin on the sides.

Exercise 4:

This exercise is the most interesting. Exercise is called a pleasant word “Rest”. Lie on back. Spread your knees wide to the sides and place your feet under your knees. Right foot under the left knee and left foot under the right knee. This exercise also makes the muscles on the outside of the thigh elastic. Be careful not to stretch your knees too much the first time, so as not to damage the ligaments. Every day you will get better and more confident. Place your palms on the floor or bed near your torso. Completely relax, close your eyes, think good thoughts. Just don’t fall asleep again. Lay a minute or two, dreaming. Now you can get out of bed. Take a contrast shower. It will give your body an extra boost to fat burning, speeding up metabolism.

That’s all she wrote.

Just 10 minutes a day of the simplest and most pleasant morning exercise will help you to remove the stomach, become slimmer and more cheerful.