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Do not know where to start your relationship with sports?

Fitness will not be a panacea for all ills, but it should not be underestimated in any case. From what he accurately will protect: from excess weight, high blood pressure, weak broken bones and bad sentiments!

The researchers found that regular exercise will not only increase life expectancy, but also raise its quality. And on the contrary – the scientific research of American specialists (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2707428) showed that lack of exercise can reduce the chances of living a long and fulfilling life. No less than heart disease, Smoking and diabetes. Surprisingly, but scientific fact.

Also, scientists have found that moderate physical activity is useful at any age, even if you are more than 70 years old and you have high blood pressure. Age can not be a valid reason for refusing to play sports!

The U.S. Department of health recommends exercising 2.5-5 hours per week. Increasing this limit will not only not hurt, but on the contrary, will bring even more health benefits. It is necessary to train at 65-80% of heart rate. How to calculate? It’s very simple – during training you can only talk, but to sing a song will not work

Agree, weighty arguments in favor of sports.

And what to do to exercise brought maximum benefit?

The most common obstacle to sports is lack of motivation. It’s okay.  There are several strategies that will help you love sports.

Consider in order:

Start planning your workouts.

What is the problem faced by people who want to go in for sports? Of course, lack of time! What about it? First, decide what time of day it is more convenient for you to train – in the morning, in the middle of the day, or maybe in the evening.

Perhaps there is a gym next to your work-out and you can use it at lunchtime.

Or maybe the ideal option for you will be sports at the end of the day to clear your mind, relax and relieve the stress of the day?

No matter which option you choose, approaching your sports planning with the same seriousness with which you plan a meeting or your work schedule will increase your chances of success.

Find your favorite activity.

Follow common sense. What is the point of setting a goal to participate in marathons if you don’t like to run? Or go to the gym if you don’t like exercise equipment? You do not need to force yourself, the sport should first of all bring pleasure, and for this you need to find something that you like, the benefit of the choice is very wide. You can play tennis, Cycling. Or maybe you like swimming? Or team sports – football, basketball.

If you find your favorite sport, you do not need additional motivation – sports themselves will be for you in the buzz!

Find a partner to practice with. Doing sports alone is good, and together – much more effective! And fun.
If you find someone with whom you will plan training, who sees your progress, and if necessary – helps to overcome laziness – sports will be much more productive.

off the TV

A large-scale study in 2018, published in the international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity, showed a direct relationship between the number of hours spent watching TV, and the level of human mobility.

The numbers are frightening: people who watch TV 5 hours or more a day die 45% more often than those who sit in front of the screen for less than three hours. Are these figures convincing enough to abandon the game of thrones in favor of other occupations?

And finally, a light life hack, which is resorted to even by the mayors of large cities. Make the way to work your sport! Take your bike to the subway, get off one or two stops early, and get the rest of the way with health benefits.

Of course, not always at work there is a Bicycle Parking, and in winter you will not travel. But this same road can go by foot, benefits will be the same. Just choose routes away from highways.



Do not be lazy, do sports, be strong, healthy and cheerful. And we will continue to help you in this.


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