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  • Yana Alieva

    My name is Yana, I’m 28 years old and my weight used to be 89 kg. Today, I weigh 60 kg and am a Weight Correction Specialist at Guarchibao. I’ve always enjoyed working with people, and of course, I dreamed of looking like a cover girl! But throughout my childhood, and early adult years, I was not thin, and I loved to indulge. I tried different weight-loss products, nothing really helped, or some weight came off but then returned.

    I decided to contact Guarchibao spontaneously, not for a miracle remedy, but in the hope that they would give me some new advice. By communicating with a nutritionist, I began to eat right and noticeably slim down! I was so inspired by my journey that I wanted to help others. Today, I feel great and I’m happy to work with others who share my interests in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

  • Anastasia Arinich

    Hi, I’m Anastasia but most people call me Nastya. After giving birth, my weight ballooned and I weighed 95 kg, quite a lot for my height of 165 cm. Then the health problems began, I was too lazy to even get off the couch, and with a small child in my arms it felt even harder to make the changes I knew I had to make. Gradually, I realised I had to break the vicious cycle of overeating, fatigue, stress, and gaining weight. But I lacked motivation…

    I started looking for support on forums, and on one, I came across Natasha, a nutritionist at Guarchibao. I was inspired by her, and she didn’t treat my problems as mere trifles. Then whole team helped support me to, but I never felt pressured or cajoled, I clearly understood that I could make the change myself. And now, I’m proud that I’ve lost the weight, I now weight 54 kg and have kept it off for three years.

  • Natalia Semyonova

    My name is Natalia. I’ve always wanted to help others, but I never thought I would become a nutritionist, I dreamed of being a doctor or a dentist (and I always liked to eat a lot). After a breakup in my third year of university, I fell into apathy. And for the first time in my life, I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. Then endless attempts to lose weight began… there was almost no effect, and constant dieting and training just led to constant fatigue.

    I decided to look into why this was happening and started to educate myself on health and diets. I don’t even remember where and when I first heard of Guarchibao, but I was impressed by the team of professionals all united by the same goal. I felt inspired, pulled myself together and began to lose weight. The whole process took more than a year, but my weight steadily decreased from 87 kg to 60 kg, and I feel like myself again!

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