Basic course

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The body shaping program is designed to achieve a safe for health weight loss in 2-3 weeks. This is the minimum period that promotes safe weight loss and sharpening a figure for a holiday or wedding.

  • sugarless
  • gluten free
  • without GMO
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The basis of this course is two Guarchibao products – fat-burning capsules with conjugated acid Fat burner and sachets for appetite control. The second is a complete substitute for food – lunch or dinner.

Capsules are recommended for adults to use 1 capsule 1-2 times a day with meals or after meals, drinking
enough water. Guarchibao in sachet accelerates weight loss.

Additional information

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Indications for use

The course includes 1 can of fat burner +2 packs of sachet (raspberry, pineapple) +1 tea pack (lemon and ginger) +1 can of drainage drink (strawberry-kiwi). Reception is designed for 20 days.
On the day you spend on the correction of your body only 70 rubles.
Start taking care of yourself today!

Dosing and Administration

The powder from the bag should be well mixed in 200 ml. water, kefir, juice, milk, and drink. During the period of use, try to drink as much water as possible, at least 2.5 liters per day, evenly throughout the day.

Guarchibao Detox Tea and Guarchibao Drainage Liquor drink promote the removal of excess fluid and toxins. Thus, the body gets rid of edema, and you feel a surge of strength and mood. Detox tea is recommended to drink 1 time per day for 20 days, and drainage drink 1 time per day for 15 days.


Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding,
children's age up to 16 years.


1 GUARCHIBAO FAT BURNER capsule contains: conjugated linoleic acid 740 mg, linoleic acid 20 mg, oleic acid 110 mg palmitic acid 90 mg, stearic acid 40 mg. Shell: gelatin-zagustel, the glycerin-thickening agent, water.
1 sachet of GUARCHIBAO SACHETS contains: fructose, maltodextrin, oatmeal, soy protein isolate, Chia seeds, guar gum, bamboo fibers, oat fibers, wheat fiber, flavor, tricalcium phosphate (tricafos), konjac gum, baobab, vitamin premix (A, D3, E, C, H, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12), guarana seed EXTRACT, baobab POWDER, flavor according to the selected taste.

Form release

Packaged drink.
Tea bags.

Shelf life

Capsules: 2 years
Sachets: 2 years

Number of items in the package

1 can of capsules + 2 boxes of sachets + 1 tea pack + 1 drainage drink.


The rate of weight loss is very individual and we can not guarantee it. You can lose a lot of weight if your original weight is 15+ kg higher than normal, or if your current diet is unbalanced. Conversely, there may be situations where the result is lower than expected.