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Premium Magnesium Supplement From Guarchibao (1 Pack of 15 Packets)

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  • The Power of Magnesium — Having the right level of magnesium in your body protects against stress, improves sleep, strengthens bones, and to support healthy brain development and nervous system support
  • Complex Magnesium Supplementation — Guarchibao Soluble Magnesium is scientifically extracted from sea water and so retains additional and beneficial trace elements - this is a whole health complex!
  • Boost Your Energy Levels — Magnesium is vital to the body’s cellular energy production and enhances physical performance. It also helps aids post-exercise recovery so you can get more out of everyday life and your workouts.
  • Bone Density & Strength — Magnesium is an essential vitamin that’s as vital as calcium to bone health. Regular, daily magnesium supplementation is linked to better bone density in the hips and spine.
  • This vegan and non-GMO supplement is safe and tested for purity and potency by a third party laboratory. You deserve the highest quality supplements to improve your health!

    Magnesium is essential to your health. It helps manage stress, normalizes the central nervous system, and improves sleep. It also participates in the synthesis of proteins, contributes to the strength of bones, regulates cell division processes, and normalizes the work of muscles, including blood vessels, and therefore the entire cardiovascular system. A full 80% of all processes in our bodies require magnesium to function properly. The need for magnesium increases in people who are physically active, follow a diet, experience stress or lack of sleep, or do not monitor the balance of nutrients in their diet. Guarchibao Mg Soluble Magnesium is made from the most digestible form of this essential element and comes from natural marine sources, which means it contains up to 70 useful microelements too.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for preventing migraines

I have struggled with chronic migraines for a a year now. I usually have 4 a week. I tried going on magnesium tablets and they didn't help much. I then found this stuff and ordered it. I've been taking it for a week and a half now. No migraines!! I've been migraine free for almost two weeks now. That's a record for me. I will always have this in my cupboard from now on.

This stuff works!

I bought this after talking to my midwife about my struggles with anxiety. I bought this, hoping it would take at least that edgy feeling off. It does wonders! I take 1/2 teaspoon first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and I have noticed a HUGE difference! A few weeks after I started taking this, I noticed that my cravings for chocolate were basically nonexistent. I looked up what causes chocolate cravings and apparently a magnesium deficiency can cause them! So, a small amount of this product has helped me in several ways! I was worried about the flavor, but it's totally tolerable (unless you brush your teeth right before). The only con is the height of the container. Once I finish more of the powder, I'm going to have to figure another way to get it out (right now I just use a 1/2 teaspoon to scoop it out).

Good stuff

Good product, helps my gut calm down before bed. Just make sure you use HOT water from the tap initially, just a couple of oz, and mix well. Let all the fizzing finish and then add cold water to make it drinkable. If you rush this process you will have intestinal gas to deal with...

Constance R.
Excellent for insomnia

Helps me sleep better

Been taking this brand for years.

As a pharmacist, I believe this is the best product for the price.