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Components of a healthy lifestyle is really very much. We are like a mantra memorized, correct and balanced way to eat, exercise and less stressout.

We do not argue, all this is really important, but in the bustle of the burning deadlines and concerns we forget about the main biological needs of the body — to sleep.

What affects healthy sleep?


Wrinkled face, tired look and bags under the eyes — oil painting, which drew your lack of sleep. Agree, you not only feel better when you sleep, you also look fresh.


If you give up full sleep be prepared for the fact that you will start to get fat faster. Yes, Yes, this unfortunate lack of sleep unties his hands and in the evening willingly climb into the refrigerator for your favorite treats.


It is in a dream all the vital processes in the body rest to make a new force in the new day. The fact that you wear out your internal resources, adversely affects your health, this should be taken more carefully. Those diseases that have been in remission for a long time can resume activity if you constantly lack sleep.


A key marker for the definition of emotional tone for the whole day. If you have slept, then you can be sure: you have a chance to spend this day in a positive way. If you suddenly puzzled question: why is everything fall from his hands and overpowered the sadness? We advise you to remember whether you slept or not.