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We do not offer trainings on personal growth, but have purchased a few of these. For the sake of curiosity. What did they find? Competition on the Internet is now big, fitness professionals a lot, sales are organized tougher and tougher, everyone needs to eat, dress, everyone wants to earn.

It is extremely difficult for an untrained person to weed out inadequate information from the sphere of fitness and proper nutrition.

It is important for us to keep you safe. After all, our subscribers are part of the family =)

FACT # 1. Coach TALKING ABOUT MYSELF a LIE in ORDER to advance in rank.

As a rule, these are ordinary employees of some small fitness room in a small town with the usual piece of paper of a fitness trainer (which is given in a week of training).

They represent themselves not only specialists with a huge experience, but also specialists who have passed medical education and are engaged in restoration and rehabilitation, clients who addressed them.
To avoid such deception is quite simple. Ask such a specialist to send a photo of the diploma of medical education, certificates of completion of coaching courses. This is enough to cut off unscrupulous fitness workers.

FACT # 2. References to UNPROVEN HARM from physical activity.

Some experts, head-on, call the bar, running or lunging bad, because they are heavy to perform.

Know that any physical exercise will have on the system of the human body load. Here lies the essence of training – loading the body we make it adapt and become stronger. It is important to understand that it is not the exercise itself that is paramount, but the state of the organism that will perform this or that action.

For example, a newbie just came in the room and no hint of the muscular frame. Can he be injured? Sure, yeah.

A good coach, first of all, will ask about your health, clarify contraindications and choose a training program that is suitable only for you.

FACT # 3. You can NOT replace the exercise with another.

A load on the body is extremely overrated. Just remember that if you are not comfortable doing certain exercises, replace them with others. There is a great variety of analogues and among them you will surely find suitable specifically for your case, your body characteristics.

The choice is always yours. Take care of yourself!